Saving Earth – Schools’ Prom 2019

To mark the 50th anniversary of the first landing on the moon, the Schools’ Prom 2019 told a story of interplanetary friendship and cooperation. The children from St Lawrence C of E Primary School, Valley End C of E Infants and Coworth Flexlands Prep School worked on the music for the Prom in their Festival workshops, generously funded by the Rowan Bentall Charitable Trust.

This was the story…

Aliens have arrived on Planet Earth and they are not happy! The record player on their spaceship has broken and instead of bringing musical messages of intergalactic peace, it’s doing the complete opposite. We need to travel through outer space to help save the world! Along the way, we will make new friends and encounter aliens, waltz in zero gravity and enjoy sunrise symphonies. We’ll be bringing our space adventure to life with some magical, singing, dancing and playing.