Safeguarding policy

Chobham festival SAFEGUARDINg policy

Chobham Festival is committed to the safeguarding and care of children, young people and vulnerable adults at its events. Consideration will be given at all times for their health, safety and welfare.

We are also committed to the relevant statutory legislation and guidance for the welfare of children, young people and adults at risk of harm.


The Chobham Festival Committee will appoint a Safeguarding Officer who will be responsible on behalf of the other volunteers for implementing the policy in respect of safeguarding children and adults at risk of harm.   The Safeguarding Officer will have undertaken safeguarding training to at least an introductory level.

Our Safeguarding Officer is Jennifer Britt email contact

FESTIVAL VOLUNTEERS and contracted professionals

Festival volunteers and contracted professionals will only work with children under 18 and vulnerable adults where there is a parent, carer or appropriate adult in attendance at all times.


Children under 18 can only attend festival events if accompanied at all times by a parent or appropriate adult, or as part of a school party with staff in attendance or in a school setting.


When a festival booking is made on behalf of vulnerable adults because they are unable to do so for themselves, they must be accompanied by an adult able to take responsibility for their care.


If anyone representing the Chobham Festival has safeguarding concerns about children or vulnerable adults in relation to festival events, they should immediately inform the Safeguarding Officer.   

Approved  and adopted 21.04.22