We have three music events for Chobham Festival 2021
Bringing wonderful music to the heart of Chobham is always a joy and we were terribly disappointed that we had to cancel the 2020 event.

Planning for the Festival this year – 2021 – was against a background of continuing COVID uncertainty, and even as we finalised arrangements and restrictions were being lifted, we decided we needed to plan for the possibility that they might be reinstated. We are also taking account of people’s sensitivities about being in crowded gatherings.

For the classical concerts this year, we are offering two performances each evening, about an hour in length, for a limited audience size.

It will mean much smaller audiences and the possibility that the concerts will sell out very quickly. All tickets are the same price and all seats are reserved, so we are not offering reduced prices for the areas of St Lawrence Church where the views are particularly restricted. We offer performances of lovely music in a beautiful old church but it does not have the facilities or flexibility of a purpose-designed performance space

We anticipate that the wearing of face coverings in public spaces may still be the norm and we request that these are worn at the concerts.

In place of our traditional jazz supper, we are holding a last hurrah of summer, with a Jazz Picnic outdoors at Chobham Cricket Club.

We hope our Friends and regular festival audiences will understand the challenges of putting on the event this year. And, of course, we dearly hope to return to a full programme and full audiences in 2022,